The winter is coming…

I bet I am not the only person that get that same feeling of sadness every year when the winter is approaching. It feels like it is dark the whole time and just looking out of the window can be terrifying. Days pass by so fast and it feels like you don’t have time nor energy to do all the stuff you usually do.

It’s easier to skip the gym, easier to skip the dish washing and let it stand in the kitchen for days, it’s easier to snooze the whole morning so you will be late for work. When this happens to me I easily blame myself and get angry that I didn’t make it to the gym because I felt too tired. Well.. When the winter is coming a few changes in your daily life need to be adjusted. Here is what I do to feel less sad about the winter:

♥ Sleep more. First of all I need more sleep when the winter is here. It is sciantifically proven that most people need around one hour more of sleep when the winter months are here. I try to go to bed an hour earlier and even though it is pretty touch since an hour in a day with a full schedule means a lot, but so does it to feel rested and ready for the daily challenges.

♥ Dress warmer. I am litterally always feeling cold. No matter how much I dress with woolen underwear, boots with lamb fur and huge jackets that make it hard for me to use my arms because I am wearing too much clothes. My best trick is to wear clothes made of real materials like mohair, angora, cashmere and wool, put on underwear (long sleeved t-shirts and leggins) made of wool or fleece and keep your head and your feet warm! The winter is more fun if you are not freezing the whole time.

♥ Keep your apartment and space clean. In periods I can be really bad at this – I work late, I get home, cook some food, don’t clean up the dishes afterwards, I go to bed, kick off my clothes, and after some days there is a mess in my apartment and it stresses me. By now I almost taught myself that it is so much easier just to clean those few dishes directly and just to fold the clothes or put it on a chair or put it in the laundry. It takes less than two minutes if you always just clean up directly afterwards and coming home to a nice, tidy apartment after a long, cold, dark winterday is really underestimated.

♥ Plan your days. If I don’t plan my days and my tasks such as going to the gym, there is no way I am gonna handle to do them, because I just wanna go home under the blanket after work. If I plan my days and I made a promise to myself about going to the gym, I will keep it. Therefore planning your day and your tasks can be very helpful in getting them done. I still have days where I simply feel to tired to go to the gym even though it was my plan, and remember if you feel like that don’t be to hard on yourself and skip the gym.

♥ Eat healthy. The whole staying-indoor-in-bed deal can easily lead to more fastfood and candy-eating in bed simply because it is harder to get up and cook a good and healthy meal because the body is more tired and lazy than usual. Because of this fact I really try hard to stick to a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins, so my body won’t feel that tired and lazy.

♥ Do indoor stuff. Winter is many things and mostly compared with bad things but what we have to remember is that winter is also the time to do cozy indoor things. Wrap up in a warm blanket with a hot drink and spend a whole day with watching all the movies you always wanted to watch, do a serie-marathon and watch as many episodes as you can, read a good book or reread your all time favourite book, do crafty projects or cook a difficult recipe.





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