Life is hard when…


A rather depressed post but we wouldn’t wanna make Christmas a too merry and joyful time now would we? Besides from that I still have a week of work left untill I can finally go to the airport in Berlin, get on the plane and arrive in Copenhagen where my friends and family will pick me up and I can finally relax and enjoy Christmas. Until then let me complain a little.

Right now I complain because

♥ I am jetlagged and for the last three days I haven’t been able to fall asleep until 6 in the morning. Pretty tough when I have to get up two hours later and work for the next 13 hours.

 I am in a long distance relationship for the next 11 days with the person I am in love with. Trust me, it is harder than it sounds!

♥ I wanna travel the world but I have a fulltime job that “only” allows me 25 days off a year.

♥ I feel all alone and the only thing I want is my mommy and she is 600 kilometers away.

♥ My best friend in Berlin is moving back to Copenhagen in two months and my daily life is going to be so boring without her.

♥ I haven’t bought a single Christmas gift yet.

♥ I haven’t been to the gym for more than a month.

Dear Santa… Please let the next days pass by fast so I can get home to my family!




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1 Comment

  1. Nicoline
    18. december 2014 / 20:25

    But you know I love you!
    Alt skal nok komme til at gå godt mus, det lover jeg dig! ❤️❤️❤️