Copenhagen Guide (Sights)

Copenhagen the capitol of Denmark is the place where I was born and grew up, and I have a close bond to that city. Copenhagen has some great sights and places and for that reason it attracts tourist from all over the world all year around, though my advice would be to visit Copenhagen in the spring, summer or fall to avoid the cold, dark winter. Copenhagen is most amazing in the summer time, there is nothing more magical than the Scandinavian never ending summer nights.

Copenhagen has a lot to offer both when it comes to good food, beautiful sights, and great shopping. Here are my advice for must see’s when in Copenhagen.

♥ Sights


♥ The classic and traditional sightseeing route – luckily Copenhagen is not the biggest city you can find, so to see all the classic “must see” sights is something you can get overwith pretty fast. Take a walk from “Vor Frelser Church” on Christianshavn (where you can also visit Christiania), walk through the canals of Christianshavn, see Børsen and Christiansborg the parlament of Copenhagen, go through amazing Nyhavn, walk further down to the castle Amalienborg where the queen and prince live, say hi to the guards of the castle, and look to the left where the opera is and to the right where the marble church is.

Tip: Walk up Vor Frelser Church to get a great view over Copenhagen.

♥ Rundetårn – a tower build in 1642 of the former Danish king Christian the fourth. The tower is only 41,5 meters tall but it gives a good view over the city. The special thing about the tower is the equestrian staircase which makes it a lot of fun to hike the 41,5 meters up to the top of the tower.


♥ Kongens have – The King’s Garden. The Copenhageners love to hang out in the park all summer, and especially on the very hot days the park fill be covered with people having fun chilling in the sun. In this park you will also find another castle – Rosenborg Castle also build by Christian the fourth all the way back in 1606. It is a beautiful castle build in renaissance style and definetly worth seeing.

♥ Christiania. I think that Christiania is one of the things Copenhagen is most known for. Everytime I talk to somebody not danish and I tell them I am from Copenhagen, they always ask about Christiania, and for good reason. Christiania is to say the least a very special place. Take a walk around Christiania, go to the lake and see the amazing houses that the people of Christiania build themselves, and have lunch or coffee at café Månefiskeren (the moonfisher).


♥ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The museum is located a bit out of Copenhagen, but is easy accessible with train. It takes around 40 minutes and the way going there is beautiful. The musesum is world known and definetly worth a visit. It has a permanent collection, special exhibitions and a sculpture garden. Louisiana gives you great nature, beautiful art and architecture, good food – all in all a perfect art experience.



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