Three good things a day


“I give you a task. Every day you have to write down three good things that happened that day.” my mom said to me a couple of weeks ago. I tend to complain a lot, feel down a bit to often and generally the negative thoughts and experiences take more space in my head and mind than the positive thoughts do. And it shouldn’t be like that. If the negative thoughts fill everything there is no space for the positive thoughts.

I’ve been writing down three good things every day and it has helped a lot. The three things don’t have to be major, just something like “woke up five minutes earlier to get ready” or “saw this movie and it made me smile” will do. Being able to find three good and positive things in a day regardless if major or just little things will in very little time help you and make it easier for you to look at the bright side of life instead of only focusing on the negative things. Researches actually show that it doesn’t take more than two weeks to feel significantly happier after doing this.

My three good things of yesterday:

♥ Made everything on time

♥ Treatened myself with a nice face mask

♥ Slept good




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