Distrikt Coffee



Last weekend I spent my Saturday at Distrikt Coffee in Mitte, another recently opened coffee place with great breakfast. Distrikt Coffee is one of those places where the furniture and decoration is so beautiful that you know from first sight that it is going to be good.

The café has raw brick walls, wooden chairs and tables that invite guests to sit side by side at the big tables and enjoy their breakfast and coffee.

The menu card offers different breakfast options such as pancakes, granola and yogurt, fruit, eggs and sandwiches and at the counter you will find Distrikt Coffees famous bread pudding, croissant and other delicious cakes. Distrikt Coffee also brews awesome coffee and  they use different beans for example from the all time favorite The Barn in Berlin.

When I visited the café I definetly wasn’t the only one who got the idea that Saturday morning, so it seems like that the place is already very popular, and that only makes sense because what more can you ask for than good coffee, delicious breakfast and beautiful decoration on a Saturday morning?





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