My favorite things to do on a Sunday


♥ Sleep in. I love sleeping. I love my bed. I love my pillow and I love my duvet. What’s better than having a Sunday with nothing on the schedule but to stay in bed?

♥ Brunch. Actually when I think about it, most of my Sunday’s start with brunch somewhere in the city. I love everything that has to do with brunch and breakfast. The type of food – pancakes, eggs, coffee, good company, the atmosphere, and that you have all day to just relax.

♥ Go for a walk. Sunday’s are for chilling but that is not equivalent for being lazy. Taking a long walk by the water or in a park is great no matter if it snows, rains or the sun is shinning.

♥ Netflix binging. Now is finally the day where you have all the time in the world to watch eight episodes of your favorite TV show without feeling guilty.

♥ Read a book. Before technology took over, I spent unbelievably much time reading books. Today Instagram, blog reading, and Netflix sadly take my time. When I finally start reading a book and I am hooked, I can’t put it away until the book is finished, so I still have the reading gene in me, and I love reading.

♥ Spending time with my loved ones. Preferably my love, my parents or a good friend. Catching up, watching a movie, drinking coffee, snuggling up under warm blankets. Sunday’s are for quality time.

♥ Clean up. Since Sunday is often a day where I have more time on my hands I try to get a little thing done. This is often cleaning up my apartment, vacuuming and changing the bed sheets. That way I can feel a little accomplished and this also makes me ready and set for a busy week.

♥ Get ready for the week. In addition to cleaning up my apartment I also like spending ten minutes every Sunday to plan and streamline the coming week. Figure out when I am working, working out and seeing friends. Writing it down and planning it this way prevents me from forgetting stuff, get more done and be less stressed and busy in my head.

How do you like to spend your Sundays?



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