Finally in Paris // The Buddha Bar Hotel 


A quick post from the Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris. I finally arrived some hours ago after quite a travel that took longer than expected. Let’s just say that Parisian traffic is hell. My friends that I was suppose to meet in Paris today are still in Copenhagen. Their flight was cancelled and reschedueled for tomorrow. That means I’m going to have almost a whole day alone acting like a real Parisian on my own. I’m excited, but more excited to see them when they arrive! I am spending the night here at the Buddha Bar Hotel, but tomorrow I will move to the most beautiful apartment in Pigalle with my friend. 

Now I will jump to my huge, high, fluffy bed for the night. I just enjoyed a big roomservice dinner while watching a movie, took a nice shower in the great rain shower, so sleep is much needed now. Life is great! Love from Paris. 


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