How to travel light // hand luggage only


8/10 of my flights are with EasyJet. Despite my recent incident with EasyJet, I am a big fan of the airline company. They are always the cheapest, traveling with them easy like the name indicates, and they are always on time. One of the less great things about EasyJet is that you can only bring one hand luggage bag when traveling with them, unless you pay for extra luggage.

That means that I’ve with time have become really good at packing very light and fitting all of my stuff into one bag (I mostly use my little suitcase when traveling with EasyJet). Even though packing for a long weekend with four nights in Paris and fitting it all into one bag is easier said than done, it is possible. How to travel light:

Weather: Always consider the weather conditions and weather forecasts when packing. If it looks like the sun will shine the whole weekend at the forecast predicts 20 degrees, there is no need to bring several sweaters. With that being said always bring at least one sweater, unless you are going to Dubai where you can always expect crazy hot weather. 

What do you really need: What kind of vacation are you going on? Is it going to be four days filled with laying on the beach, by the pool and going out for dinners at night time? Are you going to the country side and walking in the woods and mountains? Or are you going on a fancy big city trip that will contain a lot of walking during the day but still you want to look chic? Thinking about this and what you need to pack is essential when you don’t have the possibility to just pack whatever you want. 

Be smart: When you bring liquids and such stuff on board you are only allowed to bring bottles than contain less than 100 milliliters in them. Therefore repack your shampoo, lotions, and cremes into smaller, smarter travel bottles. Muji (the Japanese Ikea) has a great sortiment of travel bottles. If you are staying at a hotel chances are high that they will have soap and shampoo, so you don’t even have to bother bringing it. 

When all of this is said, traveling light really comes in handy when going from airport to hotel and accommodation, because you don’t have a lot to carry and taking care of. 


What I packed in my carry on suitcase for four days in Paris: 

♥ Underwear: Needless to say more. 

♥ Black tight jeans: They go with everything and it is easy to look good in black jeans. 

♥ Two pair of sneakers: Being a sneaker girl it is quite convenient that sneakers are also the most comfortable thing to wear when walking around the whole day, discovering a big city. 

♥ One pair of high heels: It is always a good idea to bring a pair of finer shoes to wear when going out in the night time, whether it is a restaurant, bar or a club. 

♥ Two dresses: Be prepared to dress up. There is always a fancy restaurant or bar where you will feel like a dummy if you are underdressed. Dresses can also be used during the day in big cities. 

♥ T-shirts: One white simple t-shirt and one black simple t-shirt. At the moment I am totally embracing the simple skinny jeans and t-shirt look. Add sunglasses and Stan Smith sneakers, and a rad yet simple and easy outfit is born. 

♥ A sweater: Like I wrote earlier bringing a sweater is always a good idea, unless you know for sure that it is going to be 30 degrees all the time. In my world there is almost nothing worse than being cold. 

♥ A good jacket: For big city travels I always like bringing my vintage Burberry trench coat I inherited from my grandmother. It i waterproof, I can fit a sweater beneath it, and it looks good. 

♥ One bag: I love my Balenciaga bag, because it has the perfect size to fit what I need during the day, and I can use it cross body and have both of my hands free. 

♥ Toiletries: Luckily I am not a heavy user of make up and stuff like that, so all I need for a weekend trip is a face cream, hair oil, tooth brush, deodorant, mascara, foundation, and eyeliner. That all fits in a small pouch. 

♥ Electronics and chargers: Phone, headphones, Macbook Air, camera, chargers for all those. 

Even though I actually hate packing, since I am always afraid that I will forget something or pack wrong, I have learned that if you just give packing some little extra thought and learn how to pack smart, you will in the end be able to bring everything you need in just one bag. 


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