Copenhagen Diary // part 3 

 IMG_5524-0.jpgCopenhagen diary: Sunday I met another good friend at Torvehallerne in the center of Copenhagen. Torvehallerne is an indoor market filled with different food stands from all over the world. I had a Vietnamese sandwich with chicken from Banh Mi, and it was really good. The weather was just warm enough to sit outside.

After we ate we thought it would be a good idea to go for a little walk on a lazy, grey Sunday. We walked to the botanical garden which is located just next to Torvehallerne, and here we are, posing the very best we have learned.

The botanical garden is a magical place.

Sunday night we were invited to dinner at my parent’s close friend’s house. They always cook amazing food, and they live in a just as amazing house where they pretty much produce everything themselves – beer, fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, so eating here can definitely be called having a home cooked meal.

Every Danish person knows that summer is here, when we eat “koldskål”. Koldskål is kind of an dessert, but we basically eat it whenever we can.

Tuesday night my boyfriend and I went to have dinner at Gorilla in Kødbyen (Copenhagen Meatpacking district). A friend recommended the restaurant to me, and I finally got to go. We had the 15 course snacking menu, it contained everything from snacks, to fish, pork, sliders, and dessert, and it was fantastic food, and a great place with a good ambience.

Lunch wednesday at Papirøen, a hip street food market in Christianshavn. The street food market expanded quite a lot since I was there almost a year ago, and like every street food market guests can try food from all cultures and countries of the world.

In the middle of last week, the summer weather finally came to Denmark, and we celebrated by going to Halvandet, a beach club in the harbour of Copenhagen. The water was still to cold to jump in though, we thought.

Something I really enjoy – long mornings with good breakfast at cosy cafés, where there is time to eat very slowly, no rush, look through magazines and have nice talks. Here from Café Auto in Nørrebro, I had skyr (Icelandic protein yogurt), granola, fruit and berries, and my boyfriend a more “manly” breakfast – sausage, egg, tomatoes, avocado and delicious bread.

Picnic at the Opera. The weather was so good that my dad, after getting home from work, spontaneously invited us all to sail around the Copenhagen Harbour area, and to end it with a picnic. We grilled meat, bread and sausages, and drank wine while watching the beautiful “skyline” of Copenhagen and enjoying the summer and each other.

Friday my boyfriend left to go back to Berlin after being away for almost a month and a half, but before flying, we went to Geranium, a restaurant that can be found on the list of the 100 best restaurants of the world. It was an experience! We had “lunch” for four and a half hours, and the 4,5 hour lunch contained around 34 dishes.


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