Two Hands // Cafe in New York City

I visited Two Hands on my last trip to NYC back in June, but I haven’t gotten around to do a post on it yet. Well, you know that they say, better late than never, right?

I learned about Two Hands through Instagram, and it has been on my to go to list for a long time. Almost every day I would find a picture of avocado sandwiches or smoothie bowls from Two Hands on my Instagram feed.

As soon as I stepped in to the café I was met by people all busy standing up and taking pictures of their food from all angles one can think of.

Besides from the busy instagraming guests, the place is filled with cute interior and decoration. From the ceiling the cutest cotton pad clouds are hanging side by side with lit light chains. Next to the white brick walls (in real New York style) there are little round wooden tables with round wooden stools, and in the middle of the room guests can sit together at the long communal table.

On the menu in Two Hands there are many options for breakfast such as avocado toast, granola bowl, smoothie bowl, plus sides and choices of egg. Besides from that Two Hands also offers different baked goods like sandwiches and croissants. The people from Two Hands like breakfast a lot, so they serve it till 5 pm every day. If you are not one of those who enjoy eating breakfast at any time of the day, Two Hands also got you covered and you can choose between a daily salad, sandwich, or soup.

When it comes to the drinks menu, Two Hands offers well tasting coffee, but also healthy fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and milkshakes. Guests are able to mix their own juice with up to four different ingredients such as orange, spinach, ginger, or cucumber. The drinks are, of course, served in the blogger style friendly jars with cute paper straws in them.

Okay, I must admit it, this place is great for a perfect Instagram picture, but to do Two Hands justice, this place is also more than a good Instagram picture – it is a cosy café with cute decor and great plus healthy breakfast.


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  1. 8. august 2015 / 12:04

    Hvor ser det lækkert ud Caroline! Atmosfæren taler nærmest for sig selv. Rigtig New York idyl. xx

    • Caroline
      9. august 2015 / 22:55

      Tusind tak, det er det virkelig ogsaa!

  2. Chelsea Candelario
    29. august 2015 / 5:03

    Great post! I’ve been going to Brooklyn a lot this summer and I’m glad to have more places to visit 🙂

    Chelsea | The Social Rundown | The Fashion Rundown