LollaPalooza day 1

lollapalooza in berlin 2015

lollapalooza festival








A little photo diary from my weekend spent at the LollaPalooza festival, which this year took place in Berlin – more exactly at the former Tempelhof Airport. Yes, the musicians played their concerts on the airport runways, and the afterparty took place inside the old airport by the passport control and the baggage claim. If the pictures don’t already tell, I had a great weekend at LollaPalooza. The sun was shining, people were happy, the music (well… most of it) was amazing, the food was delicious, and the drinks had very much alcohol in them (I guess that is a good think at a festival).

Saturday, unfortunately, I didn’t know many of the artists, so I spent more time getting my hair done at the Ghd stand and hanging out in the airport lounge, which was transformed in to a festival lounge that offered nice couches, drinks and food. Besides from that LollaPalooza also put up a fun fair with different happenings, events, photobooths and stuff like that which was so much fun. Saturday night I went to see Skrillex and Boys Noize which was beyond amazing. Everyone seemed to be having a crazy party at that concert, just like it is supposed to be! After the concert we sneaked backstage and met the guys and complimented them for their awesome concert.

This was a little post about LollaPalooza day 1. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow, which was an even better day!

Now it is Monday, and I am spending my day at home (partly because of heavy rain, partly because of my energy level, which is pretty low after a weekend of fun at LollaPalooza).


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