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Outfit post and Copenhagen talk: Last week in Berlin I teamed up with my friend Ivano to drink a cup of coffee and we decided to perpetuate the day and my outfit by shooting a couple of photos at one of my favorite spots in Berlin, Karl Marx Allee. It was a real autumn day with grey sky, clouds and humid weather, but we still had a good time.

These photos are not quite up to date since I am now in Copenhagen enjoying some friend and family time here, and I love it. I’ve seen so many friends, we have been hanging out around Copenhagen (mainly inside because the cold weather has already reached and hit North Europe… and I am still not pleased with it). Monday I had a great brunch at The Union, then dinner and movie night with my family. Tuesday I met up with two friends to have a tea ceremony at Perchs Tea House, a famous tea house and shop in the center of Copenhagen, which unfortunately was very disappointing with very low quality and a very small amount of food, tea and cake in regards to the price we payed. We made the best of it though and got caught up talking for hours. So much talking to do with your girlfriends when you only see them every few months 😉 Today I had coffee with a friend from high school and after that I went to meet a whole group of my friends and it happened again that we got caught up talking. Very cheesy, but I feel #blessed (lol!) to have all these amazing friends and people in my life. <3



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