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silverstories coffee profilers berlin



Coffee Profilers Berlin


A pretty forgotten outfit taken some weeks ago. Well, better late than never, right? In the photos I am drinking coffee at one of my frequently visited cafe – Coffee Profilers in Friedrichshain, Berlin. I love the place, and the baristas here are actually the best baristas in the world. In real life I just got home and as I look out of the window I see that it is already almost dark and it is only 4.48 pm. Damn you Winter! I am really so happy about the fact that in a month and a half I am escaping it and flying to Thailand, beaches and sun. I can’t wait! Later I am going to a work out class with Somuchmore (to get that beach body ready for the Thai beaches!). Remember you can still get 25% off three months of membership at Somuchmore with the code WW1SSTORIES and start working out all over Berlin in more than 250 different studios.



coffee profilers berlin

caroline sølver silverstories outfit


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