Five new, great restaurants to try in Berlin this Spring

Berlin is the kind of city that never sleeps. This also mean that it can be somewhat a task to stay updated on everything that happens here – whether it is a concert, an event, or the best, a new restaurant, place or cafe opening. Yours truly is here for you! In this post I have collected five new restaurants and cafes that are definitely worth a try. Do you know any of these places, or better yet, have you tried them already? Let me know what you think in the comment section!

Five new, great restaurants to try in Berlin this Spring:

Cecconi's Berlin

Cecconi’s – everyone loves Italian food

Pic: A very good question is – who doesn’t like Italian food? I can’t answer that, and therefore I predict a bright future for Cecconi’s. This Italian restaurant is basically located within the lobby of Soho House, but one doesn’t need to be a member of the exclusive club that is Soho House to eat here. The menu includes every Italian, hearty dish one could think of – from meat to pasta to pizza and tiramisu! A must in Berlin. 

Torstraße 1, Mitte

Chicha Berlin

Chicha – Peruvian food in hip surroundings

Pic Ever tried Peruvian food? If not, you are like me – before I went to Chicha that is. And thanks to Chicha I now know that Peruvian food is just yummy. Little dishes that are great to share, a nice ambience, great interior and very friendly staff all make Chicha a great experience. 

Friedelstraße 34, Neukölln

Spindler Berlin

Spindler – the perfect brunch spot

Another absolutely gorgeous place that is good for everything – dinner, lunch, breakfast and especially brunch in the weekend with all the classics such as eggs, bacon, pancakes and waffles. Spindler has beautiful decoration, and this place is a real life Instagram place.

Paul-Lincke Ufer 43, Kreuzberg

Pastificio Tostatti

Pastificio Tostatti – homemade pasta

Not so new, but I recently heard about this place due to favorite StilinBerlin. So the owner basically grew tired of his office job, went to Italy to attend pasta school and then opened Pastifio Tostatti. And the people of Berlin are grateful! A cute, little place in Prenzlauer Berg with limited space for sit down dinner, but fear not! Pastificio Tostatti also serves food out of the house and offers homemade pasta and sauces, so one can become an Italian chef at home. 

Schliemannstraße 14a, Prenzlauer Berg

The Bread Station Berlin

The Bread Station – Proud Danish bakery

Denmark has a good and proud tradition when it comes to baking, and it is awesome that no Danish people (or anyone else in that matter) in Berlin have to miss good bread or cakes anymore since Danish The Bread Station opened their little cafe with a small but well curated selection of bread and cakes. 

Maybach Ufer 16 Kreuzberg

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