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Som også forårsager  stilheden på bloggen. Jeg flytter nemlig webhost og design, og jeg spår, at det bliver super godt! Jeg har en masse godter i indlægs-posen, og jeg glæder mig til at alt det her tekniske er overstået (og forhåbentlig går godt), så jeg igen kan blogge på normal vis! Stay tuned <3


English:…And this is causing my quietness on the blog. I am moving to another web hotel which means a improved and much more aesthetic and beautiful blog layout, and I can’t wait!!! <3 There is one difficulty with this though. I am a technician noob and the people who are technician pros have a communication issue so it takes a lot of time to figure out how exactly to do this, but hopefully it will be fixed soon so I can be back on the blog as usually. I have lots of posts to share with you! Stay tuned in a couple of days.


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