Best of 2014

I think it is in its place to take some time here the last days of 2014 to think about the year that is soon to end. A new year is approaching and we are saying goodbye to the past year. When thinking about 2014, I think it was suitable to do a post about the best and most memorable times and experiences I had in 2014 – let’s see…

♥ Oh all the good food I ate


2014 was the year where I started writing my guidebook about Berlin. That means that I have a long to do list with more restaurants, cafés, and bars than I can count that I have to visit. Always being on the run to try out a new place means that I have been eating a lot of good food!

♥ Great weekends with guests from Denmark

besøg fra dk

Living in Berlin and having most of my closest friends and my whole family in Copenhagen means that I always have guests from home visiting me for long weekends. The month of November was pretty busy, and I had guests from home staying with me every weekend. Nonetheless, I love it. I get to spend a whole weekend with people I love and miss, be a tour guide around Berlin, and even experience a lot of new spots and sides of the city.

♥ Turning 20


In October I turned 20 years old. Turning 20 means that you are no longer a teenager but more like a real grown up. I do not really know how I feel about being 20 years old. On the one hand, it is great because I am now considered grown-up in most connections, but being 20 also means more responsibility and seriousness that come with the whole being-grown-up-thing…

♥ All the travels –

♥ Oslo with Marco.


Oslo was -25 degrees, it snowed, and a bier cost around 13 euros. Despite this, we had a lot of fun, and Oslo was a beautiful city.

♥ Copenhagen a few times


Every time I went back to Copenhagen I managed to have days filled with fun, catching up with new and old friends and seeing family.

♥ Barcelona with Lin.


My friend from high school and I rented a house in the most idyllic city from the medieval half an hour from Barcelona where with had our own pool and a five minute walk to the beach. We had a seven days in Spain, and this vacation was the perfect mix of a big-city holiday where we acted as the perfect tourists in Barcelona and saw everything we had to see and also had time to spend days doing nothing but laying by the pool or at the beach.

♥ Sailing in Northern Germany with my parents


After Barcelona I spent a whole week with my parents sailing around the island Rügen in Northern Germany. My parents have a sailboat, and spending a week with just them, and no internet connection was just what I needed at that time. To be honest it was really hard not being able to check Facebook and Instagram for the first couple of days, but in the end I got used to it, and it made me realize how addicted I am to my iPhone and internet. Well, more about that another time…

♥ Road trip through Italy


Late in July, I went to Italy with my brother and my parents. We started in Rome, where we had the best dinner with our Roman friends. Then we drove all the way to Tropea in Southern Italy, visited the Volcano Islands, and drove back to Napoli, where we stayed at the cutest family owned hotel, visited Pompeji and Vesuv. I love everything about Italy, and I think it is my favorite travel destination. Oh the food, the nature and the language!

♥ Autumn in New York

new york

In October my sweet parents invited my brother and I to New York. We’ve all been there before, my parents have even lived there, so going to NY is like seeing and old friend. The weather was amazing and we just spent the time there eating good walk and walking around the city of cities.

♥ Marrakech


My sweet boyfriend, who loves to travel as least as much as I do, invited me to Marrakech for a long weekend, because he knew it was on my “travel bucket list”. Marrakech was amazing!

♥ Christmas in New York and Miami


My boyfriend lives in Brooklyn, and it was hard not seeing him for around ten days so I was lucky to get off work, so I could go see him. I spent a couple of days in New York, we went to the movies, Guggenheim, took a long walk in a snow covered Central Park and had an amazing dinner at the new opened The Bowery Meat Company. New York got to cold, so we decided to go to Miami. It was my first time there, and I can definitely conclude that Miami is a lot of fun!



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