What I wish people would do more often…

static.squarespaceCountdown to Christmas, it is the 22nd and I am still working. Feeling sorry for myself, me? Not at all…

Monday is such a bad day already so let me make it even worse with writing a post about how annoying this world and the people in it are. No, kidding, but recent events made me think about how the world would shine a little brighter if people made a bigger effort in some contexts.

♥ Give you a straight answer

I remember when I didn’t have a job and I needed one. I applied for what feels like a thousand different ones and I got just a few answers back. I mean when people take the time to write an application, send their CV and everything, the least the employer can do is to write a simple “no thank you” back. It would save people for spending a lot of time and energy wondering about when and what answer they will get and let’s face it – there is nothing worse than being ignored.

♥ Stop changing and cancelling the plans in the last minute

Since we all got iPhones, and are able to be in touch 24/7 it seems like it is very hard to make a date with people and keep it. It is now acceptable to change or cancel the plans in last minute and it is totally normal that people write half an hour before to say “oh, can we meet 30 minutes later, I am running late!”. Come on.

♥ Notice the people around you

Have you ever tried getting a new haircut and you are really excited about it and think you look like a star? Then the day after you go to work or school and nobody says a thing. It happened to me a lot especially when I was younger and I remember one time, I got the coolest most trendy shoes, and I was so excited to show my friends from school. I got there and nobody said a thing nor noticed. That sucked. Be better at noticing your surroundings and the people in it and throw sweet compliments around.

♥ Give more genuine compliments

I think that many compliments I get are always hidden behind a bitchy or sarcastic comment, so it is hard to know if the comment is really meant to be nice or bitchy. Stop hiding compliments if they are meant in a good way and if they are not, just don’t say anything.

♥ Smile to people on your way

“Smile and the world will smile back to you” isn’t that what they say? It is all about karma and you wont loose anything if you give a smile to the people you make eye contact with. A simple smile makes instant happiness and personally, I can take it really personally if people on my way stare at me with killer eyes and I think “hey, what did I do to you?”. So give people a little smile – and scientifically proven it will also make you feel happier. Win win!



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