Remember to say thank you

thank-you-languages-goodSome days ago my mom received a letter. With the letter came a beautiful necklace with two pearls. It was from her cousin who is very sick with cancer. Her husband died last year and both of her sons just moved out. She is all alone and sick. Therefore my mom has taken a lot of time trying to be there for her, helping her and writing her positive messages sometimes a week.

Because of that my moms cousin sent her the necklace with a letter saying thank you. My mom and I were both stunned that even though she is facing cancer she has the time and energy to be grateful and say thank you when nobody expected it from her.

I think many of us – at least myself – can learn from this because we in general are way to bad at helping each other out, being there for each other, being grateful and saying thank you. I don’t think one can say thank you too much.

With the year ending and a new one approaching a good New Years resolution for all of us could be to start being more grateful to everything in our lives, our families, our friends and acknowledge and recognize when somebody does something for us it is very important to remember to say thank you.



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