Virtual clean up

In order to get a stress-free, clean and carefree 2015, for me, it makes a lot of sense to look through different spaces and clean up a little bit.

I figured out some days ago that because of the holiday I hadn’t gone through my Bloglovin for a couple of days, and therefore I had 150 unread blog posts. It stressed me because obviously I had to read them all – I wouldn’t wanna risk missing out on something. I figured out after going through all of the posts that I should definetly clean up my blogroll and get rid off some of the blogs that I don’t enjoy that much.

This cleaning up was a relief and it feels great to have a totally updated blogroll, and let’s face it – bloggers come – bloggers go.

It made me think that many of us could probably use a virtual clean up – so here are my tips to clean up your virtual life.

♥ Clean up your Bloglovin roll/list of blogs you read daily. Ask yourself the questions if you still find the blog interesting, does it contribute to you, what reason do you read it for?

♥ Clean up your “saved posts” roll. On my Bloglovin I have a long list of saved posts that I saved because I liked them, they inspired me or for some other reason. Once in a while I go through them to reread them and delete the ones that are outdated or already used.

♥ Clean up the Instagram profiles you follow. Ask yourself the same questions as with the blogs, and I think especially with Instagram it is important to unfollow profiles sometimes so you can add new and inspiring profiles.

♥ Clean up your archives on your laptop. Go through Word documents, old pictures that may be almost like dublicates, Photobooth pictures, saved pictures from the internet, saved articles and bookmarks and delete delete delete.

♥ Delete your emails. I have five different email accounts so keeping track of all of them can be kind of a task sometimes. Due to that I’ve come up with an email plan. Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters and spam mails. Create folders for the emails you want to save. After you answered an important email either put it in to a relevant folder or delete it. That way you can always have a clean email slate and an empty folder means an empty head. For me it feels like if the email inbox is empty I answered everything I had to answer and got everything I had to do done.

♥ Get a hard drive and save your stuff on it. Until a month ago I never saved any of my 10.000 pictures and every day I was afraid that my laptop would break down so I would loose all of my pictures forever. Do yourself the favor to get a hard drive where you can save everything onto so you are sure your important stuff and pictures won’t go missing.



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