On my wish list: things for my apartment


I don’t think I will ever get to a point where I feel like I am finished with decorating my apartment. I constantly see a new picture, read interior magazines or see other décor inspiration that give me new ideas how to decorate my apartment. My newest ideas for things I wish for for my apartment are rather practical.

The big black basket I would put in my hallway and I would finally have a place to stuff all my scarfs, hats and mittens in because right now they are all over my apartment.

The wooden black Nomess box I would put in my bathroom and fill with a mix of my favorite jewelry, make up, face crème and body lotion that I use every day.

The New York poster would look perfect hanging together with my black and white Andy Warhol poster behind my dining table, and the rest is just pretty. Of course, I need a good-looking soap for my dishes, the normal one in yellow or purple from the supermarket won’t do.



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