A random day in my life

7.45 am: my alarm goes off. I snooze it.
8.00 am: it goes off again. By mistake I turn it off.
8.45 am: I wake up and I see that I am way late. I run to the bathroom and everything I can think is “SHIT!”.
8.46 am: I think “well fuck it, I’ll call in sick.” I go back to the bed and tell my boyfriend that I’ll stay home with him. He snores back at me and I lay there for a second before I figure that I better get going to work if a snore is the only response I’ll get.
8.48 am: Showering is a city in Russia and there is no time for that. Nor time for make up. I jump in my clothes, run down the stairs, jump on my bike and bike the 5 kilometers to work. I love biking. It is kinda like meditating for me. I listen to music and I go through my to do list of the day in my head and I try to sort my thoughts and clear my head.
9.08 am: I make it safely to my desk. I check my emails, answer the important ones and go through Instagram which is one of my morning (well all day every day) rituals.
10 am: I eat breakfast in the office. Chocolate granola and banana it is.
11 am: I have a Skype meeting with a Danish client.
11.30 am: I proofread some texts. Boring. While listening to Phil Collins. Guilty pleasure and a little secret of mine.
1 pm: I think it is time to put on a little make up since I didn’t make it in the morning and frankly I look like… I don’t know. Luckily I have a safety kit of mascara, perfume foundation and face cream in my bag.
1.20 pm: I meet my friend for lunch. We go to Vabrique in Kreuzberg and the place is lovely, but the food and coffee not so much. We catch up and talk about whatever girls now talk about.
2.30 pm: back at work again. My boss wants a meeting, and that is often not a very good thing.
2.41 pm: my boss gave me a deadline for some work. Not good. I go straight to my desk and start typing like a robot.
2.45 pm: I feel overwhelmed by my workload and I go to the bathroom to breathe and think bad thougts. (The bathroom is the only private space one has when working in an open office).














(Me in the bathroom looking rather defeated)
4.15 pm: I feel very tired of writing. I go to Bloglovin and go through all of my unread posts which are 30 different. I really need to spend less time reading blogs.
5 pm: I bike home in the dark is not and my thighs are colder than a snowman’s. I bike as fast as I can because I have to get home and pick up some stuff and then go babysitting.
5.20 pm: while running up the stairs to the 5th floor (damn you building, why don’t you have an elevator for me?) my mom calls me. She just wants to hear how I am doing which is very nice but not the right time.
5.30 pm: I find the stuff I need, change clothes, clean up a little bit and I am out the door again.
5.44 pm: I bike to the family where I babysit’s house in Prenzlauer Berg and I try to catch my breath going up to the 7th floor where they live in a beautiful duplex apartment (thank god they have an elevator!)
6 pm: I play hide and seek with the kids.
6.45 pm: I clean up for the parents because I am bored and the kids are watching TV.
7.07 pm: Clean up done, the kids still watch TV and I am still bored. I try to my mom back but now she is busy.
7.09 pm: I try to call a friend but she doesn’t pick up.
7.10 pm: I am very bored now and what is the best thing to do when bored? Right. Eating. So I do. Bread and cheese.
7.30 pm: I get the kids ready for bed. And of course they get a bedtime story.
8 pm: I am finally off. I bike to my boyfriend’s apartment. He is tired and cranky but I am still happy to see him.
8.22 pm: After laying on the couch for a couple of minutes almost falling a sleep we both agree that we are hungry.
8.30 pm: we go for a walk and find a very nice restaurant called Muse.
8.56 pm: my food comes. Pulled pork sandwich with a mountain of fries. High light of my day.

9 pm: the food is amazing and I am busy eating.
9.50 pm: we arrive back after climbing my boyfriend’s stairs up to the 6th floor.
9.55 pm: I take a long shower, I wash my hair, scrub my body and face with my boyfriend’s Aesop products. The perks of having a boyfriend with amazing taste. I wear fresh and clean night clothes.
10.15 pm: I jump to bed and I watch an episode of Girls, my newest addiction.
23.45 pm: Ok, one episode was a lie. I watched three.
12 am-something: Sleepy time.



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