I love weekends. When the time hits 5-6 pm Friday afternoon I am so ready to leave the office and go home. This weekend has been a great one. I started off Friday night with going to my friend’s place, we drank wine, ate Vietnamese take away and had a good night in Neukölln.

Saturday was spent up early having breakfast and coffee in the new, beautiful café Distrikt Coffee in Mitte with a friend. Even though it just opened recently, the place was packed and we waited a very long time to get our breakfast. Afterwards I went shopping a bit and bought myself a bee bracelet from Sabrina Dehoff that I’ve been wishing for for a very long time, so I figured that sometimes it is okay to spoil yourself a little bit.

Saturday night I went to a party my friend was having. She invited a lot of friends and a party in Berlin always means meeting people from all over the world, so I learned a couple of Finnish words and had a talk about life when you grow up in South Africa.

Sunday I was up early again to have a coffee in another new place in Berlin called “House of Small Wonder”. I loved the decoration and the beautiful staircase that leads you to the café. The friend I had coffee with is from Italy and he is one of the smartest people I know due to the fact that he taught himself nine languages. After that I biked home, cleaned my apartment (which is one of the more unfortunate weekend tasks to do when you live alone). After that I went for a walk with my boyfriend to Freischwimmer, one of my absolute favourite places in Berlin to have lunch. We sat there for a couple of hours and enjoyed the quiet Sunday, walked back home where I jumped in my favourite Sandro sweatpants and spend the night in bed preparing mentally for a new, busy week coming up.

I hope you had a great weekend too!




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