Favorite lunch places in Berlin

When I moved to Berlin, I created a map with all the places I had to go to either to try their food, their breakfast, their drinks or their coffee. Now a year and a half later, I tried every in place in Berlin and even though there are tons of good places in Berlin, I still have my very favorites.

I am lucky to work right in the heart of where the best food places are located side by side, which gives me the opportunity to have a great lunch every day.

♥ Daluma


Daluma is the latest addition to cool and popular hot spots in Berlin. Opened in October Daluma has already succeeded in being filled up every day with the cool crowd that craves salad, juice and superfood for lunch.

I think the reason that Daluma got popular so fast is because of the fact that it is the first and only of its kind in Berlin so far. Daluma serves superfood such as salads, quinoa, chia pudding, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, superfood smoothies and soups, the atmosphere and decoration is simple yet creative and just sitting in the café makes you feel healthier. A place like Daluma is just what Berlin needed and I am definitely not alone to have that opinion!

♥  Monsieur Vuong


This restaurant has a very strong place in my heart. Before moving to Berlin, I always came here when I was visiting and Monsieur Vuong is all of my Danish friends and family’s absolute favorite restaurant in Berlin.

The food is Vietnamese and they serve different appetizers and soups, noodle and rice dishes, and great drinks and smoothies. I always get the same at Monsieur Vuong, which is spring rolls, a mango shake and the chicken and curry with rice. Believe me – you owe it to yourself to try this.

♥  Dudu


Most people agree that at Dudu you will find the best sushi in Berlin. At Dudu they manage to create sushi that tastes better, is more experimental and more fun than you have ever experienced before. Try for example the Crunchy Dudu Roll with tuna, avocado and salmon and avocado and salsa on top. This may sound a bit weird, but after you tried it, you will understand why they put avocado and salsa on top of their sushi, and even question why there is not always avocado and salsa on top of sushi. Besides the sushi, Dudu serves amazing drinks, soups, and fish and meat dishes. My personal favorite is the seafood bowl.

♥  Vira

In this little authentic Italian food joint the sweet guys behind the counter cook the best pasta, pizza and flammkuchen (the German answer to a pizza) in Berlin. I always have a hard time choosing if I want a flammkuchen with spinach and sheep cheese or the spaghetti Bolognese, but everything they serve at Vira is basically amazing.

♥  Joris


Joris is another lunch place that adds more healthy food to the Berlin food scene. Here you can either create your own salad with different kinds of lettuce, toppings and dressings, you can have the staff create a salad for you, if you find it to difficult (just saying! creating a salad can be really difficult when you have a choice of more  than 15 different toppings). If a salad is a little too healthy you can get a big baked potato also with toppings of your own choice.

I could write a list with thousand more restaurants, and in the future I am sure that I will write a vol. 2 of my favorite places for lunching in Berlin.



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