Things I don’t get

♥ Why so many bathrooms have strip lights. There is nothing worse than being in a restaurant and going to the bathroom and you look yourself in the mirror and what you see is something that looks more like a crack … (pardon my French) than yourself.

♥ Why the world is so much easier for people that love getting up early in the morning than for people who hate it. Every morning I curse myself and I curse early mornings and I wish that I was better at getting up in the morning or going to bed early.

♥ Why unhealthy food tastes so much better than healthy food. It would be so much easier if I craved salat and quinoa every night instead of burger and fries.

♥ Why girls (at least me) have a build in plug in that forces us to overanalyse and dramatize way too much. It would be so liberating if we didn’t have to spend hours thinking about what the guy really meant in his text and we could just see a text the same way a guy sees it.

♥ How every girl I follow on Instagram manage to live (or at least make it seem like) so good, look so good, eat so healthy, work out, wear amazing clothes, dress up and have perfect hair and make up. How do they do it?



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