Links I liked in January


♥ 45 questions to guarantee you’ll never have a boring date again – 45 pretty interesting questions from ThoughtCatalog one could also ask oneself.

StumbleUpon – a media portal that lets you choose your interest and then finds you interesting articles from the internet. I can spend hours browsing through my StumpleUpon feed that never ends. StumpleUpon lets me find like “six amazing beauty hacks” or “living alone vs living with flatmates” all based on my interests and of course all of these articles are essential for me to spend hours on reading, like I didn’t have enough to follow up on with Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin.

♥ I want a flower dress like these.

55 things that look just like your childhood. Great article my friend sent me. I forgot so many of them and remember almost all of them.

This Danish blogger Emma Martiny was in Berlin for New Years and she made eight cute video blogs about her days in Berlin. I love Berlin and I love seeing where other people go when they are in Berlin.



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