5 tips for how to handle late night cravings

We all have those nights where the craving after candy, sugar or chocolate is so strong that you go through all kitchen cabinets in the hope of finding something that has just a little content of sugar. I am pretty good at eating healthy throughout the day, drinking my water and being active, but when it comes to boring nights alone in my apartment the craving for sweets totally kicks in.

Luckily I live on the fourth floor which means I have to crave a lot before I feel like going all the way down the stairs and then aaall the way up again just for chocolate. Still my cravings can be so big sometimes that I make it up and down the stairs. My best advise to avoid or deal with the late night cravings is:

♥ Make sure to eat and drink enough during the day. If you put yourself in a starvation mode your body will eventually crave food and it will want fast energy like candy and sugar. Dehydration can also cause bad cravings and sometimes being thirsty is mistaken with being hungry so make sure you drink enough water the whole day.

♥ Have alternatives. When the craving kicks in it is always a good idea to have alternatives in your kitchen such as bananas that you can turn into ice cream by putting them in the freezer for an hour or two, peanut butter or yogurt with vanilla taste are my favorites.

♥ Try eating something healthy like vegetables and if you still crave sugar after half an hour go for it.

♥ Get into good habits. I experience with my self that the less bad food I eat the less I crave it. On the other hand if I eat bad food and candy every day my body gets addicted so fast and needs the sugar and craves it every night. Creating good eating habits is essential and eventually your body will get used to your habits whether it is eating healthy or unhealthy.

♥ Treat yourself sometimes. With all the advice being said I am still a firm believer in everything in moderation is the key. It is okay to give in to your cravings once in a while without feeling bad and just enjoy candy, burgers and chocolate if that is what you feel like eating.


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