Update from Miami

11004800_10153069962237310_74710416_n 11006148_10153069959267310_1430683493_n 11009034_10153069959357310_1283196039_n 11012284_10153069959372310_863895860_n 11016648_10153069962232310_993306069_nOh the horror – to be without Internet or wifi for eight days. Yes, I survived, and it wasn’t that horrible to be honest. I think many of us could need a few days without an Internet connection. More about that later.

I am now in Miami after flying from Havana to Cayman Islands to Miami. We came last night, had a great dinner and some drinks at the new restaurant Dolce on Collins Avenue. After that we went to our hotel, took a nice, long shower, finally one with a normal water pressure as opposed to the Cuban showers, which all had a very low amount of water coming out of the shower head. After that straight to bed (with our laptops), where I spend hours going through mails, unread blog posts on Bloglovin (223 of them), and Instagram. It was more than appreciated being back to the civilisation and the “real” world, and it is kind of scary how much the Internet means for our lifestyle… While going through all of my unread Bloglovin posts like a slave, I almost started missing Cuba and no WiFi, because it is so much easier to be missing out on something when you just don’t have the ability to be online. Yes, the FOMO is definitely a problem of mine.

I will start writing posts that cover the last week in Cuba, and I still have some posts and pictures from New York that I have to show you too. Stay tuned!



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