Cuba is…

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Petrol fumes from all the old cars. Socialist banners everywhere instead of advertisements. Fresh mango juice. Beans and rice. Fresh meat. Crowing cocks early in the morning. Warm weather all year round. The biggest retro car museum in the world. Pastel colored houses. Turquoise water. White sand beaches. Fresh coconuts. Sunny hours spend on the beach. Pina colada. Mojito. Cuba Libre. Cigars. Horse carriages. A weird trend that makes all young guys pluck their eyebrows. Government run restaurants. No Internet or WiFi. Spanish speaking mostly. A lot of car driving through the island. Palm trees. High waves on the Malecón. Music everywhere. Staying in private homes. Salsa dance till the early morning. Enjoying life. Socialist. Wandering around astonished by the Cuban world. A totally different world. Low water pressure in the toilets and showers. Shortage of toilet paper. Kids playing in the streets. Tourists with cameras around their necks. Revolution museum. Che Guevara shown everywhere. More than oldschool when it comes to technology. A place stuck in time. Cracked streets and neglected areas. Laundry hung to dry on the balconies. Roof tops. Lack of technique. Like a different time age.



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