Moving in with my boyfriend

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So, the big news is that my boyfriend has moved into my apartment in Berlin. We quickly figured that we spend most of our time together, so why not save a rent and discover how great it is to be with the one you love all the time? To be honest with you, moving in together with someone for the first time is easier said than done, at least in my opinion.

I have lived with roommates before, some better than others. I lived with a German guy for half a year, and even though he was very nice, he didn’t do anything wrong, and actually cleaned up after himself, he still managed to get on my nerves. That is how tolerant I am…

After having my boyfriend full time in my apartment for five days, I already taught him how to use a toilet brush, I told him to dry his feet before getting out of the shower so the floor won’t get wet, and I explained to him, that it is very important, that my glasses in the kitchen stand the right way – the way I want them to stand.

Not only did I teach him how to live with me. I also tried teaching myself how to be more tolerant, and realizing the fact that he now lives with me, so an essential thing is to compromise. Even though I want to tell him off and start bitching every time he kicks off his shoes in the middle of the hall way, or throws his clothes on the floor before going to bed, I try to behave myself, count to ten, and to be a nice, tolerant girl friend. The truth is that I love having him here. The fact that I can go to my desk in the bedroom and write my blog, while being aware of the comfortable fact that he is just a few meters away from me, is soothing and it feels amazing.

Not only did my boyfriend bring his presence into my apartment. He also brought

♥ 25 pair of shoes

♥ 15 pair of jeans

♥ 7 pair of sweat pants (who needs that many sweat pants?)

♥ More shirts than I can count

♥ Receipts and paperwork that lay around everywhere

The funny part is that this guy manages to have more clothes and shoes than every girl I know, and the even funnier part about it is that he left more than half of his shoe and clothing collection back in New York, and also keeps a lot of stuff stored at a friend’s house here in Berlin.

Love and relationships equal hard work. I am in love, so I guess the only way around it is to get used to tons of clothes everywhere, extra laundry, and receipts floating around. In reward I get almost full time presence from the guy I love, so dealing with extra stuff in my little apartment suddenly seems like a small price to pay. This is at least what I tell myself when I am about to go mental on him for throwing his pants on the floor. I also keep in mind that this is new for both of us, my first time ever moving in with a boyfriend, so we are both learning, it is a process and it takes time.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will write more about moving in with my boyfriend and whether or not we passed the Ikea test….



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