Long weekend in Copenhagen


Way too early for someone like me I got up this morning to fly to Copenhagen. It is my favorite flight ever because it only takes 45 minutes and most of the time I know that my family or a friend is waiting in the airport to pick me up.

It is under very sad circumstances that I decided to book this spontaneous trip to Copenhagen this weekend. A close family friend died and I am attending the funeral. Later today we will say a last goodbye to this amazing person that she truly was.

The rest of the long weekend in Copenhagen I will spend catching up with my friends that I haven’t seen for months, since I haven’t been back home since Christmas. We will drink coffee at my favorite cafés, have good talks, and then I am invited to dinner at my friend’s new apartment that she moved in to a month ago, I am so excited to see it at her!


I also hope that I will have time to go to Louisiana to see the current exhibition by fotographer Richard Mosse (see picture). Louisiana Museum is one of my absolute favorite places to go to around Copenhagen and I have so many good memories from when my grandparents took me there when I was younger.



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