Pick your mood // Choose your fights

Picture from Daluma.deOn quiet, cosy Sundays like today I always find myself having extra time for thinking and thoughts than normally. Therefore I thought I should inform and share with you the thoughts I had today.

A few days ago I was meeting my friend for lunch. We hadn’t seen each other for almost two weeks, and she was leaving for vacation the day after, so it was important for us to make it that day. We planned that I should pick up our favorite green juices from the vegan café Daluma, that we both love, and meet her in a park close to her job.

I bike to Daluma, the sun is shining, but my mood isn’t. Some personal issues are putting a dark cloud over my mood, but I try to forget it because I am meeting my friend and I am excited to see her.

I arrive at Daluma, of course I am running a couple of minutes late like always, but I manage to buy the juices that are in glass bottles, the employee hands them to me in a paper bag. I but the paper bag around the handlebars on my bike and before I know it, the bag breaks, the juices fall down, and there is green juice and pieces of broken glass everywhere on the street. Many people run to me and want to help me and I just want to sit down and cry. I just bought the juices, I am late for meeting my friend, and know they are spilled all over the street and there is glass anywhere. You know, one of those days where it just doesn’t take more than a spilled green juice to make the water run like a waterfall out your eyes…

A guy says to me that I should go back and ask for new ones, but I think it is embarrassing. After taking a minute to get myself together and dry away the tears, I had a moment of truth and a count to ten, and I figured, that I could keep on crying and feel sad over broken glass and spilled juice, or I could choose to be happy, and get over it. I decided to go back to Daluma anyway, and of course they were happy to give me new juices, sweet as they are.

I biked to my friend with new juices, I told her the story, we laughed, and had a great talk and suddenly my day and mood was much better, lighter and happier.

Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes and breaths and a decision to choose to be happy and not taking everything so hard or personally.





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  1. Sidsel
    23. August 2017 / 10:44

    Love this 🙂

    • Caroline
      23. August 2017 / 11:22

      Thank you, Sidsel!