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A couple of weeks ago I posted many, to say the least, posts about troubles and happiness because my boyfriend was moving in with me. Now he is gone again. Just for two weeks in New York, that is, but two weeks is still a pretty long time for me to be without my boyfriend when I am used to seeing him every day. Even though I miss him a lot, I am trying to enjoy my time alone, which is actually better than expected. To focus on the perks of living alone:

♥ I can only get pissed at myself if the apartment doesn’t look like I want it to look, or isn’t as clean as I think it should be.

♥ I don’t have to close the door when I am in the bathroom (haha).

♥ I, and only I, get to chose what music to listen to and what movies to watch.

♥ Nobody will judge my, at times, awkward taste in music.

♥ I can sing as loud as I want in my showers, and only my neighbors will be freaked out.

♥ I can eat my meals in bed without being judged. (By the way, I once read an article saying that it was okay to eat in bed until the age of 23, so I still have some years to go).

♥ I get to make the bed every morning without my boyfriend sighing and asking me “why bother?”. I make the bed because it makes me feel better, ok?!

♥ I can eat my red peppers without my boyfriend complaining about the smell of my breath.

♥ When my laptop doesn’t work the way I want it to, I can scream at get mad at it, and my boyfriend won’t see what a freak I can be.

♥ Secret behavior is no more limited to secret.

♥ I can leave the apartment when I am ready, I don’t have to wait for anybody. (Patience is not a strong value of mine…)

♥ I don’t have to share my late night snacks with others than myself.

♥ Half the amount of dishes to wash, half as much laundry to do.

♥ No clothes laying around.

♥ I get a lot more done because there is no boyfriend to keep me in bed for extra hours.

Being alone for two weeks isn’t all that bad!





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