Spring is here



Spring is here, and it couldn’t be better. Goodbye days spent inside because it was too cold to do anything else, goodbye winter depression and dark days and hello sunshine, ice cream, long days spend outside and everything else that comes with spring.

I’ve never been good with winter, I am freezing when the temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius, which means I walk around in the winter like a Michelin man wrapped up in too many layers of warm clothes, which is just not normal. I secretly wish and hope for that my future life will allow me to skip winter three or four months a year and escape to a warmer exile.

The past week has been absolutely beautiful here in Berlin, and waking up with the sun shining through my window in the bathroom just makes me a better person, I am sure. And the best part is that from now on it will only get better. We have the whole spring, summer and autumn ahead of us and so many good things are coming!

I love the spring because:

♥  can actually step outside without feeling that I am about to die of frostbites.

♥ I can finally go on my daily bike rides through the city without wearing gloves and thousand layers of woolen underwear.

♥ I can enjoy my lunch and coffee sitting outside.

♥ Berry season – fresh strawberries I’ve missed you…

♥ Less hiding in bed with Netflix – more going out, getting things done, seeing more people and friends.

♥ Pictures just look better when the sun is shining.

♥ I have so much more energy and waking up in the morning doesn’t feel half as tough as waking up in the morning when it is winter.

♥ Fleamarkets, going to the park, all the outdoor stuff…

♥ A good excuse to buy new clothes for the spring.

I am totally embracing the spring time and it kind of feels like a new era has begun. It felt like the winter, coldness, and darkness was here for ever. So I am happy to wave goodbye to winter for now! Till next time.



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