Things that annoy me #1


That the baby I am babysitting was so upset today that he tore skin of my finger. It hurts!

That I love frozen banana ice cream but I don’t have the patience to wait for it to melt a little so I can stir it.

That I am never, NEVER! able to remember the password to my HBOgo account and for some annoying reason it doesn’t save automatically on my laptop so whenever I want to sign in I have to try at least five times before getting the right one.

That my back hurts because I have spent to much time in bed…

When people cancel last minute. I was suppose to go to a gay club, but one of my gay friend’s got sick. Don’t get sick when we are going clubbing!

That the line today at my favorite (well, everyone’s favorite) ice cream parlor in Berlin, Hokey Pokey, was so long, that my impatience got me and I ended up leaving. With no ice cream.

That 9 out of 10 times I don’t know what to watch on Netflix I end up spending more time looking for something to watch than a movie actually takes and finally ending up not watching anything because I am annoyed.

That I can pull myself together to start reading some of the books from my growing book pile on my bed side table. It went so well for me in Cuba, and I read so many books. Maybe that was due to the fact that I didn’t have any wifi…

That I can’t figure out where to go on my next vacation… LA, the west coast, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania… Life is hard!

That I can’t look in the mirror and tell my hair to grow. My eternal problem. Anyone experiencing that their hair won’t grow for the sixth year now? The struggle is real. (Hence the picture above is my wish thinking.)



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