Little things


A few different snapshots from the past weeks, what I’ve seen, eaten and done.


Coffee with a dear friend at Mundvoll in Kreuzberg. She snapped this candid photo of me. Great place for breakfast too!


My desk essentials. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time at home recently writing and writing, so I really enjoy having these nice things to look at while working.


Fresh and homemade smoothie with berries, banana and carrot and orange juice. Yum!


Breakfast in Neukölln with my boyfriend. Best American brunch in Berlin, no doubt! California Breakfast Slam is the name of the amazing place.


I recently tried Liquid Garden, a green smoothie place in Prenzlauer Berg. This place provides you with perfect fresh, healthy and green smoothies and great vegan cakes. I am definitely coming back!


On the burger front nothing has changed. Even though I loooove burgers, and Berlin has more than a handfull of amazing offers when it comes to the burger scene, The Bird is still my absolute favorite when I crave the perfect, classic burger.





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