To do in April


April started out the best way with a total of eight days of visits from friends from Copenhagen. Besides from that April is going to be a great month filled with travels and hopefully a lot of sunshine.

♥  In April my parents are coming to Berlin for quick weekend visit. I always love having them here.

♥  I am going to Paris. I am actually leaving tomorrow (right now I am crossing everything I have that I will actually go since there is an airport strike going on right now, and with my recent airport karma it would be typical if it hit me). I am going to be there for four days with different friends from Copenhagen, and I can’t wait to experience Paris again. Paris is always a good idea. (Update: My friend’s flight from Copenhagen-Paris is cancelled… Now trying to figure out what to do. Bad flight carma – I told you!)

♥  Maybe going to Lisbon for a weekend. Everyone is always telling me how great this city is and it’s been on my to go list for a very long time, so I am really excited that I might be going. I am already finding places to eat, see, and do – and of course I will include you in my plans if I am going.

♥ I will apply for university in Copenhagen, so if everything goes as planned, Copenhagen here I come starting August!

♥  This might also be the month where I will figure out more about the future of my guide book. I have been working very hard on it the past month, so hopefully good things will happen soon!



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