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I have been doing all kinds of AirBnB for about a year now. I’ve rented out a room in my own apartment, I’ve been managing two apartments in Berlin through AirBnB, and I’ve have rented out my parents house in Copenhagen. These three different accommodations (a room, managing vacation apartments, and renting out a whole private house) are different and demand different things from me as a host. Having a lot of experience with and through AirBnB has taught me a lot, I have meet many nice, friendly, and exciting people through hosting for AirBnB, and in this post I will give my best tips on how to be a good AirBnB host.

Besides from that AirBnB is great for many things. Not only can it help you make a little extra money, you can also meet great people, even become friends at best, with your guests, and you can get to exchange exciting stories from around the world. AirBnB is one of those things that makes the world smaller and more accessible, and I love it! 

How to be a super host:

♥ Online profil and description. First of all you need to write and create a good description of your place. Make sure you mention all that is worth mentioning. What is great about your place, what do you offer, what makes your place great and special? This is the selling part so you have to list all of the good things about your place. With that being said you should also be honest and remember to write if there is something that is not working so well, like a shower with little water pressure. That way your guests will be prepared and there won’t be unforeseen issues or problems. 

♥ Take good pictures of your place. Make sure you have daylight, sunlight even better, that the place is nice, organized and cleaned up, that the beds are made and so on. You definitely want your place to look the best in your pictures. Remember that these pictures are the first expression your guests will get of your place.  

♥ Set a good price per night! You should never set your price to high – especially not in the beginning. You want to have a couple of guests first and get good reviews from them first. Look up what other hosts charge per night in their area, and compare your own offer to theirs to set the price. Also think about what you offer compared to others. Do guests get towels if they stay with you, do you have a coffee machine with coffee, do you serve breakfast? These are your own choices but you have to keep all the little things in mind when you want to find a good price to charge per night. Also remember that you are able to change the price after season, vacation, holidays and so on. 

♥ Reply fast on messages and be communicative. When interested guests write you regarding your listing the best way to make them book with you is to answer them as fast as possible. Make sure you seem nice and open, and you answer to whatever questions the guests might have. Make a good and clear plan when figuring out how and when to meet the guests, to welcome them and give them the keys. 

♥ Be clear about expectations and house rules. When I hosted guests in my own apartment, I was working full time. This meant that I always made sure to explain my guest when I needed the bathroom to shower. I also told my guests that I preferred that they didn’t wear shoes inside. If you are clear about rules and expectations from the beginning, both sides are aware and you won’t run into problems. Also remember it is your house so it is totally acceptable if you have demands and rules, just make sure you are clear about them from the beginning. 

♥ Make the room ready for them. Needless to say the room should always be nice and inviting, look good and be clean, and of course have clean sheets on the bed. Little extra things like fresh flowers, some candy or chocolate will make the guests feel welcome, and help you get a good review from them. 

♥ Be there to welcome them. Even though it is not always possible, strive after being at home to welcome your guests personally. Guests will like to know the face of their hosts, and in this way you will more likely get off the right foot. It also gives you the possibility to tell them everything you need to tell them in person. 

♥ Have guide and a manual ready in written form. Every information like the closest supermarket, tips for a good café or restaurant, wifi password, and all other essential or needed infos are great for the guests to have in hand. It also shows that you are passionate about doing your job as a host well if you are ready to help your guests in this way. 

♥ Tip: Your guests will enjoy the personal tips you give them for your city. This is also what AirBnB is great for. It lets guests and travellers around the world experience new destinations beyond what is written in the traditional guidebooks. Therefore you shouldn’t hesitate when giving your own personal advise and tips on your own favorite places, ideas, and restaurants. 

♥ Write an honest review. After your guests leave take your time to write a good, describing, honest review about them on AirBnB. In this way future hosts will be able to read what kind of guests they are letting in to their homes. 

I hope you liked my advise on how to be a super AirBnB host. Do you have any personal experience with AirBnB? 


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