Paris diary // pt. 2

Day six and I am still in Paris. The plans changed a bit, when my boyfriend semi surprised me and came to Paris. We booked two nights at his favorite hotel, Hotel Costes and had a great time here.    

When in Paris… Posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

Coffee at this beautiful little café in Le Marais.  

And some more coffee in Le Marais. My friend and I laughed about this place, the coffee wasn’t good, it was actually made for a machine, but the writing in it was so cool, that we didn’t care much about the taste.  

Then this guy arrived in Paris. The weather was amazing, so we spend hours chilling in the garden at Hotel Costes.   

Last night we went to Derrière, an apartment restaurant in Le Marais. Coolest place, coolest vibe, cool people and great food! 

Now we are off to a breakfast or lunch at the Eiffel Tower before it is time to go to the airport. 


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