Life lately 

I always like reading life lately updates on other blogs. It is a fun an good way to get a little insight of what has been up lately, and also a good way to keep track of recent events. Life lately. Lately I have

♥  Traveled to Paris and Lisbon with only one day in Berlin in between. Both travels were amazing. I’ve blogged a lot about Paris, and yesterday I posted my guide to Paris. See it here. Lisbon was so amazing, both my boyfriend and I fell in love with the city. I heard that Lisbon is the new up and coming travel destination, and in my opinion Lisbon is totally underestimated. I am so happy I went there, and I definitely want to go back! Lisbon posts are coming, but unfortunately our camera with all the photos from Lisbon is still in Lisbon…

♥ Eaten a lot of food. Nothing new about that. Trips to Paris and Lisbon were good to my stomach, and of course Berlin is still treating me more than good when it comes to eating amazing food.

♥ Bought a juicer. I wrote about this a long time ago, and finally it happened. My boyfriend bought a juicer – today actually, so now my kitchen will turn in to a juice workshop. I am excited!

♥ Had my first frozen yogurt of the year. The weather is finally warm enough for ice cream and frozen yogurt, and I love it. I am so lucky to have a frozen yogurt place just down my street and I could easily go there everyday to eat frozen yogurt.

♥ Enjoyed the nice weather everyday. The weather was perfect in Paris, Lisbon, and also in Berlin. That means spending all day outside, going for walks, biking around, sitting outside at cafès while enjoying the sun – I am so happy to see you again!

♥ Taken a walk to Flutgraben, one of my favorite locations in Berlin. We found out that there is a little place that rents out paddle boards here, so our plan is to try that out soon!

♥ Bought a white outfit. I figured that since the sun is shining and the summer is coming, of course I need a white outfit!


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