An easy way to be happy 


An easy way to be happy in your life is to learn to remember and notice the good stuff. And by the way when isn’t it a suitable time to list the things that are good and make you happy and grateful? Instead of always thinking about the stuff you didn’t get done and the stuff you should have done, focus on what you did do, completed, what you are thankful and grateful for, and what you are looking forward to.

On the days where I am feeling a little blue it is not that easy to find things to be happy about, but then it is okay to start small and be grateful that you are healthy, you have a bed to sleep in at night, and food on the table.

♥ I am happy because my parents are coming to visit me in six days.

♥ So is my dear friend that I miss a lot.

♥ I had such an active and productive day and got all my stuff done. To do list? I don’t know what that is, mine is empty at least.

♥ I made it to the gym.

♥ My boyfriend bought a juicer so now we can make healthy juices all the time.

♥ The sun is shining.

♥ My apartment is nice and clean.

♥ My bed has new and fresh bedsheets on.

♥ My fridge is filled with fresh berries, fruits and vegetables.

♥ I started a new project translating kids books about the body, organs, and diseases from German to English. Even though it is a bit difficult sometimes I remind myself how much I am learning from doing it.

♥ That I had kobe meat last night at my boyfriend’s favorite restaurant.


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