Cheap ways to travel


All through high school my friends and I always loved traveling together, and we did it quite a lot. We were in Flensburg, Dublin, London, and Oxford on school trips, and then we did our own trips to Barcelona, Berlin, and Prague. When you are in high school it would be a lie to say that your bank account is in an amazing state, but somehow we still managed to go away, travel, and have a lot of fun!

Cheap ways to travel

♥ Being able to travel doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money.  If you just keep following points in mind, it is actually possible to escape real life for a couple days and replace it with time in a more exotic place.

♥ Pick a cheap destination – first of all it is very important to chose a place that is cheap to go to and cheap to stay in. Here it is worth considering if transport opportunities to go there are cheap, and how much money you will have to spend on food, drinks, sightseeing and stuff like that in the given location. There are hundreds of cool places in this world, that are just as cool and beautiful as for example popular London, New York, and Paris, but cost they half to stay in and visit, so it is worth thinking outside box here. What about trying Eastern Europe?

♥ Find cheap transportation – Flying is always easy and nowadays it is not hard to find amazingly cheap plane tickets. What you just have to remember is that many of the cheap airline companies often fly to the smaller airports that tend to be located quite far away from the city center. Make sure you figure out before buying tickets if it is really worth buying the cheapest flight tickets, because you might have to spend a lot of time and money getting on a train afterwards. If you are traveling with friends also look up buses and trains. It is always a lot of fun going somewhere with your friends, so a long bus ride is not that bad if you are not alone.

♥ Couch surfing/AirBnB/Friends – When I was traveling with friends we always got private rooms in hostels. I’ve also spent several nights sleeping in dorms in hostels, which is also a must try experience when traveling young. Accommodation does not have to be at a five star hotel, and traveling this way will give you authentic experiences, it will be easier to meet new people from around the world, you might even be lucky to make new friends, which is always the smartest way of traveling cheap, because for the next time you will be able to hustle your way in and staying for free with your friends. I am so happy that I have many friends around the world. That means there is always somebody to visit and a good reason and excuse to go. This is also the best way to see places if you are lucky to have a native by your side.

♥ Buy food in supermarkets – instead of going out to eat all of your meals while traveling, go to supermarkets, deli’s, and kiosks to pick up food and snacks. This will save you a lot of money in the end. Buying food in cheaper alternatives doesn’t mean it has to be boring – be creative and bring the food to a park, a canal, a lake, or another sight seeing spot and do a picnic wherever you want. This will make great memories and you will get to see a lot more than by just sitting in a restaurant.

♥ The same with beer and alcohol – of course you want to go partying and have a good time when traveling with your friends, but this can also be tough on your wallet if you are drinking drinks in a bar. Warm up before going out and buy alcohol and beer from a supermarket.

♥ Check out free alternatives to things to do at your destinations – museums and main sights can be quite high priced in entrance, so here it is worth it doing some research from home to figure out what you can do instead, what is free, what is cool, and what is important to see. Many traveling blogs write long articles about top things to do for free in different travel destinations – I did one on Berlin here. If you do your research right, you will have tons of things to do and see.

So the conclusion is, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive if you just think outside the box and come up with creative solutions and alternatives.


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