Hidden gems – Wochenmarkt Friedrichshain Berlin Market – Boxhagener Platz

IMG_2744   Every Saturday there is a market right close to where I live – on Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. I love to go there – not only because of the cheap prices when it comes to buying vegetables, fruit, and flowers, not to mention their big assortment, the great food, cakes, and coffee the market offers, but also to suck in the great market atmosphere there is here.  IMG_2798

The market opens early in the morning, so an obvious choice is to come here for breakfast, morning coffee or an early cake break (in my opinion it is suitable to eat cake at any time of the day).


There are many different stalls to choose from whether you are looking for breakfast, snacks, lunch, or delicatessen to bring home. One of my favorite places is the Quark Bar, where you can mix your one yogurt with three or six different yogurt flavors and then choose toppings. The Quark Bar has a ton of different tastes, and you can pick between everything from caramel to coconut and mango. Of toppings there are the healthier choices like fruit and granola or you can create a sweeter edition and choose chocolate.


Besides from the flower, food, and grocery stalls visitors will also find booths selling cute tin cups, handmade vases, bio handmade lotions and soap, delicious oils for cooking, spices, plants, handmade jewelry and so on.


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  1. Thomas Hedegård Andersen
    15. May 2015 / 3:51


    Super fed blog – dejligt med noget inspiration. Skal til somme flytte til Berlin for et semester (og gerne mere efter endt uddannelse) og trods mange visits rummer byen så mange ting, jeg gerne vil opleve. Altid dejligt at få hjælp til at få øje på de rigtige ting.

    Ha’ en god sommer!


    • Caroline
      16. May 2015 / 19:47

      Hej Thomas, tusind tak, er så glad for at min blog er brugbar 😉 Glæd dig til Berlin, her er fantastisk! Jeg lægger løbende flere “hidden gems” om Berlin ud, så læs gerne med!