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♥ It’s been some time since I’ve last done a post about links I’ve read and liked, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you what links I’ve read and liked lately.

♥ Like you all know already, Denmark is the best country in the world (and we Danes also use a lot of irony in our jokes). Danika Maia, an expat from the U.S. of A, lives in Denmark and did a spot on post about what she loves about Denmark.

♥ Rachel, another expat in Berlin, did a post on her biggest lesson learned being an expat. Different expats from all over the world share what lessons they have learned being an expat, and it is very interesting, being an expat myself, reading what other people think about the whole expat life, what was difficult and what they have learned. Rachel also blogged about her visit to Christiania, the free town in Copenhagen, and it made me take a walk down memory lane – oh the high school times…

♥ I’ve had my eyes on these cool t shirts from Paris for quite some time, and I really want to get one. The only question is just what I want to write on my t shirt.

♥ It wouldn’t be lying to call me an Asos-holic. I shop there a lot and I often buy extra clothes, or double sizes to see what size fits me better, and I mostly end up sending most of it back. Very smart and convenient that Asos gives you that opportunity, and I rarely gave the bad sides on this any thoughts until reading this article. It is now time to reconsider my online shopping habits!

♥ I am always on the look for new places to experience, try, or eat at in Berlin, so I love when blogs and articles can give inspiration. Even though I’ve already tried more than half of the restaurants of this list with 12 new Berlin restaurants to try, I still have some to go. And I can say that the ones I’ve already tried from the list are really good places!

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