Slow juicing // green juices

IMG_2050 IMG_2139 IMG_2143IMG_2164 (1)We are juicing away and creating green juices at home! As I wrote about a month ago, my boyfriend bought a slowjuicer in the attempt of becoming more healthy. Now some weeks have passed and both of us are addicted! Not only is it so much fun to put the whole fruits and vegetables into the machine, but also experimenting with different ingredients and see what tastes better or maybe not so good in combination with each other.

I like the classic mixes with beet root, carrot, ginger, apple, and orange, but I also like juicing spinach and cucumber. Strawberries and mangos are also fruits that are good to add because they give a lot of juice.

Besides from the good taste the juice gives, it also feels great drinking them. I think the good feeling partly comes because I know what I am doing is healthy for me, and it makes me feel good about myself.


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