Wedding in The Hamptons

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Wedding in The Hamptons. The main reason my boyfriend and I had to go to New York, was to attend his good friend from university’s wedding. The wedding took place this Saturday in The Hamptons in Long Island. We took a car out there and it was a beautiful drive. It is so funny that it doesn’t take long to leave the crazy, big city of New York, to get to green trees, beach, and nature.

I was exited to attend this wedding, since the only weddings I have been to are my uncle and aunt’s and my parents’, both of which I was too young to remember. Besides from that this was an American wedding, which is also something different and definitely and experience for a Danish girl like me.

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The wedding also gave me an opportunity to dress up and wearing high heels, something I rarely do. I wore a dress my mom’s friend made for me when I graduated high school almost two years ago. It feels so amazing to have dresses made specially for one self and to know that no one else has that exact dress.

The wedding was held in a country club kinda house in amazing surroundings. There were more than 120 people, a great mix of them, because the bride is Philippine/Ecuadorian, and the groom American.

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After the ceremony we had cocktails, and there was a big buffet, and I started eating, not realizing that an hour after, there would be a four course dinner. The DJ/hype man began to ask everybody to get seated in the other room where the dinner was, and after all the more than hundred people were seated, the five bride maids and their partners came ind like walking a catwalk while being introduced by the hyper hype man. Last came the newlyweds and they had their first dance while everybody was watching. After a minute of dancing, the hype man asked everybody to join them, and “All of me” by John Legend suddenly turned in to a techno version of the song. It wasn’t even 1 pm, and the whole wedding guest crowd was going crazy on the dance floor. My thoughts were “oh, this is fun, and it would never happen at a Danish wedding!”.

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The bride and groom took their seat and their own table for just them two in the middle of the room, and I asked my boyfriend if that is how it works at weddings in America, because that is not how we do it in Denmark, and he said yes. I like the idea that the newlywed couple is in the middle of the room, and they get all the attention, but my thoughts are, what is the point in inviting 120 people to a party, if you barely talk to them? Of course the couple took their rounds through all the tables to talk to everybody and the rest of the time was mostly spent on the dance floor.


Some hours later we made our way back to Brooklyn, and the minute I got in the car, I took off my very high heels, (I was actually very surprised that I survived wearing them throughout the whole wedding), and my tight dress.

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Still feeling jetlagged and tired after a day full of party, people, food, and drinks, we spent the rest of the night on the couch.


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    • Caroline
      26. May 2015 / 4:24

      Aww, thanks so much! It was. Did you btw see that I wrote about your post about what you love in Denmark some weeks ago? I think I never wrote you telling you! 🙂