A rainy day in lower Manhattan

A rainy day in Lower Manhattan. Yesterday I went to David Zwirner Gallery in the Meatpacking District to see the social media hyped exhibition “Obliteration house” by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. From the outside it looked like a classic American suburban house, but stepping inside there was no classic suburban house to it at all. All the white furniture was decorated by round colorful stickers handed out to the visitors so they could be a part of the art as well. There was a line to get in – due to the social media hype, I think before coming here I saw at least 50 pictures of it on my Instagram feed, and it can seem a little ridicolous and as if people go here just for taking a picture to post on their Instagram profile, but it was pretty amazing!

In the other room in the gallery was another exhibition also by Yayoi Kusama. This one called “Give Me Love”. Amazing as well! If you are in the area David Zwirner Gallery is definitely worth a visit. It is located right by the high line, so a trip to the gallery can easily be combined with a trip to the high line which is always fun.

After I took my pictures at the Obliteration House (joke!), I went to the little coffee shop Underline Coffee (located right beneath the high line – hence the name) because it was raining hard. I hit here for an hour before going back out in the rain and walk around a little bit.

Both the coffee and the interior at Underline Coffee were on fleek, so I was happy.

Walking around West Village. I love this part of the city.

Can I move in please? Townhouse in West Village.

It started pouring down again, so I had to hide yet again. This time at Bluestone Lane Collective Coffee in Greenwich.

At Bluestone I had a late breakfast – my favorite – Granola Bowl and a cup of camomile tea. It seemed suitable for a cosy indoor time at a nice café while hiding from the rain.

Later that day I walked around Little Italy and I found another social media hyped wall mural #lovewall #bleedinghearts – and being a total victim of social media, I, of course, had to take a picture.

And another one…


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