Flying to Rio De Janeiro today

Yes! My boyfriend woke up Monday morning, it rained hard and was all grey in outside in New York City, and he started looking up tickets on (best website to find the cheapest and smartest flights). I was busy going through all my social media posts on my iPhone. Five minutes later he asks me “do you wanna go to Rio De Janeiro on Wednesday?”. Me: “yeah?!”. A couple of seconds later, our tickets to Brazil were booked.

It is my first time going to South America and I am beyond excited. My best friend lived in Brazil for a year back in 2010, and hearing all hear stories and experiences has always intrigued me, and I knew that the city of Rio is one of those places in the world you HAVE to visit once in a lifetime.

We have a week in Rio, and we are going to stay in the Ipanema Beach area. We didn’t plan anything so far, but of course we are doing the death route (what my mom calls it – it describes the classic things in travel destinations you have to see, regardless if you are interested in it or not – the places you can’t miss ). In Rio these are of course, Christ the Redeemer, the beaches, Sugarloaf Mountain, and then of course we will also make time for some relaxing, samba dancing, and caipirinha drinking.

Now we just have a 12 hour flight to go with a layover in Panama. I hate long flights, but these are unfortunately inevitable when traveling far.


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