Mexico City Photo Bomb

 I just noticed that I never really blogged about my trip to Mexico City, besides from the complete travel guide I posted last week regarding the city and the spam I made on my Instagram of the beautiful D.F, so I thought I would show some different photos from my iPhone from the trip.

Fruit, fruit, and fruit – everywhere. Mexico City has so many amazing and colorful food markets.

Strolling around the boheme and hipster neighborhood of Condesa. The city was so green with parks and plants all over it.

One day we drove to a district a little outside of the city, and we saw thousands of houses like this. Quite amazing!


Cute little Mexican restaurant.

Oh, and the food! The food…. was so amazing. We only ate good food in Mexico City, and we went to so many great restaurants.

I found this umbrella ceiling in a fashion mall.

Mexico City is definitely a great place to go if you are a fan of art, modern art and architecture. The city is literally filled with art everywhere you go.

When in Mexico City, of course we had to go see Frida Kahlos house. This is it.

Brunch in the garden of Four Seasons Hotel.

Amazing old buildings in the historical center of the city.

“The House with the Tiles”

Another amazing restaurant.

Roof top restaurant with a great view.

Last but not least, a day trip to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, which was quite an experience.


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