Coffee Profilers – New place to get your coffee in Friedrichshain, Berlin

About three weeks ago I saw a picture on Sandra Juto’s Instagram that witnessed the opening of a new coffee bar in Friedrichshain right close to where I live and I ecstatically clapped in my little hands.

A new coffee bar in Friedrichshain is just what this part of Berlin needs! I finally made my way there yesterday after being away from Berlin for many weeks.

The coffee bar is called Coffee Profilers and is located on the amazing street Karl-Marx-Alle. Not only is this street a beyond amazing and beautiful place, it is also one of my favorite places to walk in all of Berlin, and this place is a true relic from the GDR-times, and if you have a good imagination, walking here is almost like going 30 years back in time, so it feels being in GDR yourself. I predict a great future for this coffee shop just because of their choice of location. Tourists as well as locals strolling up the huge boulevard can get their coffee fix in real German history spirit while overlooking the amazing buildings this street has. Who could ask for more when in Berlin? 

When I walked in to Coffee Profilers, I was met by one of the five owners of the café. He told me that he was Greek, and we joked about the fact that he made his escape from the country just before the voting in Greece three days ago. He also told me that all the owners were so happy and excited about their new café and that they were still in the process of learning and changing, like any other business is in the beginning phase. He also made sure to underline the fact that all the owners love coffee and they have a passion – beyond passion for it. They have three different coffee beans from Costa Rica and Brazil and they change them regularly for the fun and excitement of trying new coffee tastes. I also learned that two of the Greek guys working at Coffee Profilers each won first and second place of best baristas of the world. Pretty impressive! I told them that I love visiting places where you can tell that the people behind the places really love what they are doing.  

The decoration and interior of Coffee Profilers make a true Scandinavian very excited. Everything is kept simple with wooden details and the color light blue is kept as a red thread throughout the decoration. The bar is dominated by different coffee machines and the furniture in the bar are two beautiful wooden tables made specially for Coffee Profilers. Around the coffee bar hangs Danish designer Kaj Bojesen animals, which I was also happy to see.

The café has outdoor seating and inside there is also a lot of space for coffee lovers. Guests can sit at the little tables, the two comfortable couches or at the tall communal table, which is especially convenient for people bringing their laptops to the café to get some work done.

Time for what this is really about – the coffee. First of all, the coffee in Coffee Profilers tastes amazing. The guys creating the coffee here really have a strong passion for it, and that can definitely be tasted in the coffee. The coffee menu is classic with options such as flat white, cappuccino, or different brewed coffee options and iced coffee.

I opted for the “freddo cappuchino” due to the heatwave that day in Berlin, and it was perfect.

Before I left, I told the guys that this definitely wasn’t my last visit here, and that I was so grateful that Friedrichshain now has more options when it comes to getting good coffee.


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