I am in Bali, Indonesia

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I am in Bali!!!! It almost sounds too good to be true, Bali has, together with the Maldives, Seychelles and Tanzania been on my top four of dream travel destinations for longer than I remember, and now I am really here!

It was very tough to get here. It took around 30 hours to be exact – we flew from Berlin to Abu Dhabi, where we had a seven hour layover so we made it to the grand mosque and the Emirates Palace for dinner. I’ve been to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai before, but in the winter time though, and the heat and humidity (36 degrees at 11pm was unbearable!). Then very late at night we flew from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta, a nine hour flight, luckily in business class, which is an amazing experience, and I slept the whole way.

We landed in Jakarta and had to wait a couple of hours before boarding the flight to Bali. Finally, at 12 am we arrived in our amazing hotel room. It was very dark, so going there we weren’t able to see much.

Waking up this morning I thought that I’ve died and gone to heaven – so beautiful was it. We took a long walk around our amazing resort and I was speechless because of the beauty everywhere.

We have two weeks here, and I am so exited to experience more of Bali, its culture, food, beaches, nature and all the stuff this island has to offer. Of course I will also provide you with a Bali travel guide!

Since we arrived five days ago I’ve been trying to blog a couple of times. The problem is that the Internet is awfully slow here, so there is no way for me to upload pictures to the blog. However, I am still able to use Instagram, so head over there to see pictures from Bali! @carolinesoelver is my username.


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    • Caroline
      24. July 2015 / 14:08

      Det var det virkelig ogsaa, paradis paa jord!

    • Caroline
      24. July 2015 / 14:07

      Bali er virkelig paradis!